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Getting started as an interior designer

How to start taking online appointments for my interior design business?

As an interior designer, you have a ton of competition (and continuously growing…), so you need to be available everywhere your customers may be. Most importantly, when a customer decides to try you, it is crucial that you have an easy conversion or scheduling process to lock them down with your interior design business. If you don’t, they may go somewhere that is easier for them.

When launching an interior design page built to allow your customers to schedule appointments or consultations online, it must be 3 things.
1) Your page must be simple to navigate. If your page is confusing to navigate your customer will most likely give up and try someone else, ultimately losing their business.

2) Your interior design scheduling page must be simple to use. if your page requires your user to do 15 things to just schedule an appointment with you, you are doing something wrong!

3) The page has to look good (ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER). When customers are going to use you, this may be one of the first pages they see. If you have a page that doesn’t flow or a page that doesn’t look good, chances are your customers perspective of your work may be damaged.

How should I promote my new interior design scheduling page?

When promoting your interior design scheduling page you must achieve a combination of awareness and simplicity. Of course, you need people to know about your interior design scheduling page, but along with that you need it to be simple to access when needed.

By sharing a link or embedding your page on your website, you provide your customer or lead a simple way of accessing your scheduling page.

Should my interior design scheduling page work on all devices?

Absolutely! The world is becoming increasingly mobile, so if you want your interior design business to continue being relevant you must offer the option of scheduling appointments via mobile device. With that said, you DO NOT need to create a mobile app. All you need is a website that scales up or down to the size of the screen.

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