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When should I send a massage therapy invoice?

When a massage therapy job has been completed and you want to get paid for the work you did, this is when you will send an invoice. Typically, your massage therapy invoice will contain the work you’ve completed, any products you sold, as well as the price you are charging.

By sending an invoice after you have completed a massage therapy job, it makes your customers life easier when trying to record when the sale (project) was completed and how much was paid.

What should I include on my massage therapy invoice?

Within the “From” section of the invoice, you should include your name, business name (optional), address, and contact information. Secondly, within the “Bill To” section of the invoice, you will want to include your customers name and contact information. Also, you may want to include the date of when the invoice was sent and the date on which you expect to be paid.

Then, when the basic information is completed, you now want to include the products/services that were provided or sold during the massage therapyn job. Don’t forget to include the price of each product/service, this way your customer gets a complete price break down of each product/service. Now, keep in mind, you may need to include sales tax when adding your product/service to your massage therapy invoice, so make sure you know exactly what your state or country requires in terms of taxation.

Finally, if you have notes or terms you would like your customer to follow, you will want to include these on bottom of your invoice, so your customer knows exactly what todo and expect when completing the purchase.

Is it necessary to always send a massage therapy invoice?

There is no rule saying you have to send an invoice after a massage therapy job, BUT if you are expecting to get paid for the job you are doing, then it is best practice that you send a massage therapy invoice to your customer once the work is completed. By sending an invoice, it ensures that your customer will pay when expected and makes it easier for you to file your taxes at the end of the year.

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