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Includes a simple appointment scheduling software for small businesses | ScheduleTalk


Includes a simple billing software for small businesses | ScheduleTalk


Take both your billing and scheduling online for your small business | ScheduleTalk

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Grow your small business with a simple online invoicing and scheduling software | ScheduleTalk

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A beautiful appointment scheduling page for small business owners | ScheduleTalk

3 Perks Found Within Our Software

Create invoices faster than anyone else.

Create an invoice in 17 seconds flat (yes, we timed it...) and start billing your customers no later than the next day.

Online appointment scheduling done better.

Scheduling so simple your customers can schedule an appointment in just 4 clicks. Then from there, we handle the reminders, alerts, and more.

Take your business to the cloud.

Your billing and scheduling software should move and grow with your business, so by moving your business to the cloud you can access your data anywhere on any device.

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Common questions when billing or scheduling appointments online.

What should I include on my invoice when billing a customer?

Within the “From” section of the invoice, you should include your name, business name (optional), address, and contact information. Secondly, within the “Bill To” section of the invoice, you will want to include your customers name and contact information. Also, you may want to include the date of when the invoice was sent and the date on which you expect to be paid.

Then, when the basic information is completed, you now want to include the products/services that were provided or sold during the job. Don’t forget to include the price of each product/service, this way your customer gets a complete price break down of each product/service. Now, keep in mind, you may need to include sales tax when adding your product/service to your invoice, so make sure you know exactly what your state or country requires in terms of taxation.

Finally, if you have notes or terms you would like your customer to follow, you will want to include these on bottom of your invoice, so your customer knows exactly what todo and expect when completing the purchase.

How to start taking online appointments for my small business?

As a small business owner, you have a ton of competition (and continuously growing…), so you need to be available everywhere your customers may be. Most importantly, when a customer decides to try you, it is crucial that you have an easy conversion or scheduling process to lock them down with your business. If you don’t, they may go somewhere that is easier for them.

When launching a scheduling page built to allow your customers to schedule appointments or consultations online, it must be 3 things.
1) Your page must be simple to navigate. If your page is confusing to navigate your customer will most likely give up and try someone else, ultimately losing their business.

2) Your scheduling page must be simple to use. if your page requires your user to do 15 things to just schedule an appointment with you, you are doing something wrong!

3) The page has to look good. When a potential customer is thinking about using you, this may be one of the first pages they see. If you have a page that doesn’t flow or a page that doesn’t look good, chances are that persons perspective of your work may be damaged.

How to improve my businesses customer satisfaction?

Keeping customer satisfaction high within your small business is important for several reasons.

1) If your customer experience is enjoyable, they are most likely to recommend you to others.

2) If your customer enjoyed your work, they will continue using you.

3) If you sell other products that are separate from the main product, they will most likely purchase additional items from you if they enjoyed your business.

To keep customer satisfaction high, everything within your business must be seamless and easy. For example, if your customers aren't recieving their invoices within days of the job or your scheduling process is long and confusing, there is no chance your customers will remain happy. You have to make everything as easy as possible for the customer!

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