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$0 / mo


  • Personal scheduling page
  • Unlimited appointment types
  • Automated reminders (sms/email)
  • Calendar Integrations
  • Shareable links
  • Embedable page
  • Breaks/Offtime
  • Email support
  • And more
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    $13.99 / mo

    $9.97 / mo


  • ALL "scheduling" plan features
  • Invoicing
  • Estimates
  • Client management
  • Manage products and services
  • Logos/Branding
  • Track payments
  • Track account balance
  • Track account credit
  • And more
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you running any deals?

    We sure are! If you sign up for our Business Plan, you’ll get 28% off, forever! Meaning, if you have the Business Plan + the discount, the discount won’t expire.

    Do I need my credit card to start?

    Nope, to start the 30 day free trial, you don’t need your credit card.

    Are there any upfront commitments?

    Not at all. I want you to be sure ScheduleTalk is for you. You’ll get 30 days free and you won’t need a credit card to start.

    How long will it take me to get set up?

    That, of course, depends. ScheduleTalk is super simple to learn, but for some, new software can be intimidating. To get it completely set up, maybe 15 - 30 minutes. It could be more or less.

    What do I need to start?

    Nothing out of the ordinary. You’ll need an email address and a Google or Outlook calendar, if you want to schedule jobs online.

    What are the accepted payment methods?

    All major credit and debit cards from all over the world in 135+ different currencies, thanks to Stripe!

    Can I change my mind?

    Absolutely, if ScheduleTalk doesn’t turn out to be your thing, you can always delete your account.

    Who do I talk to when I need help?

    I (Riley P.) answer any questions you have. I can answer them via email or, if you’d like, we can jump on a call.

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