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Why should I choose ScheduleTalk over other solutions?

Well, to start ScheduleTalk wasn't built for everyone. But, that comes with its advantages if it was built for you. One of the biggest advantages are that our users have much more say in what features may come in the future. This means that ScheduleTalk will hopefully become close to the perfect application for some people, because we were building it for them! If you are looking for a solution that will eventually mold to become a perfect fit for some people but not all, ScheduleTalk is your best choice.

Who was ScheduleTalk really built for?

ScheduleTalk was built for the brave individuals who decided to go it alone and change the world. Those individuals have enough on there plate that frivolous tasks become unnecessary and costly. We wanted to help them out and get them back to doing the tasks that are enjoyable and will end up changing the world for the better.

What makes you so good anyway?

Because we want to help the solo entrepreneurs get back to the tasks that are enjoyable. We have built features that will automate the tasks that are frivolous and timely. First off, we wanted to automate scheduling. Scheduling can be extremely time consuming, especially when you have to send emails back and forth trying to find an available time that works for both parties. Along with scheduling, we wanted to help with invoicing and estimates. This is another extremely important task to get done for the business, but it doesn't need to be done by hand. We have taken actions to make sure this task is simplified to the point that it should only take seconds to write up an invoice or estimate and send it to your customer.

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